Group Coaching Program

For Project Success Makers!

Impress your Clients / Boss / Stakeholder +

Deliver Beyond Expectations

While having fun with your superstar team and smashing your personal career goals

Project Leadership is the steppingstone to higher positions and scaled business.

Your boss handed over the responsibility for this project/program/job role like the key to the kingdom. With it came the implicit understanding that this would be your chance for making – or breaking your career. 

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You are challenged by your current situation – whether it’s your team, your client, boss, or other stakeholders involved.

Project Management and Leadership sounded just like the fun you were looking for, but no-one told you what you were in for when you started.

You’re keen to show that you can deliver, but right now you’re jumping from task to task like that crazy plate-spinner on stage.

You feel like the major part was left out of the briefing before you took this role, and want to learn the finer details of the craft

This management lark is keeping you frustrated and frazzled. You finally want to get a better turn on your people relations, even in demanding stakeholder environments.

You’re ready to accelerate your project leadership skills and stop feeling like you’re focus is being pulled in multiple directions.

All the managers out there get faced with one simple truth the moment they set foot in their first-ever project:

No-one has prepared them for the experience.

That’s why I’m here to help you smoothen the experience and deliver well under pressure.

In this program you’ll get access to all the material and experience I have accumulated in more than 15 years of leading and guiding project teams to success. 

You finally want to leverage your know-how and show the world that you can:

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Impress your clients, boss, or other stakeholders

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Deliver beyond expectations

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Make your team work – for you, with you, and without you

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Master the challenges of stakeholder communications

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Polish your skills in managing challenging project situations

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Become confident in your leadership style

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Learn the ropes so that you can repeat the process with your next team

In this 12-month Group Coaching Program, you’ll find the best mix of Mastermind, Training and Coaching to get you to your next level.

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Monthly workshop covering the challenging parts of leadership and project success

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Weekly Check-in Group Call to hold you accountable to your progress and enable you to discuss your case with the whole group and get feedback on it

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Growing library of resources and training material on Program topics

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Ask questions and get feedback and from other Project Success Makers in the group who have gone through similar experiences

Ready to step up your game?

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