Are you facing a challenge?

Strategy for Team, Client and Stakeholder Situations

Gain Clarity, and Find Your Best Move

Get out of the muddle, tune in with yourself, and find your course of action!

Are you facing a tough situation with your team, client, or stakeholders? Not sure how best to approach it, how to prepare for a tough conversation, or what you want in the first place?

What if you could get your thoughts untangled, your priorities sorted, inner conflicts resolved, and find clarity on the best approach forward that is aligned with your values and goals?


The Leadership Strategy Session

Find the best approach to achieve your goal

One dedicated 2-hour 1:1 session

Your Bespoke Leadership Strategy

for EUR 248,-*

* Including 19% German VAT where applicable. Price may vary for private clients in other countries depending on your local sales tax. If you aren’t sure how this applies, please contact us at before booking.


You will spend one fully dedicated 2-hour session with me. I’ll help you sort through the situation and its components, from interpersonal to operational. I’ll help you get in touch with your core priorities for this sitatuion, work out options and propose courses of action so that you can find the approach that is best aligned to you. I will provide expertise and experience to get critical stakeholders involved, difficult team members integrated, and demanding clients satisfied.

You determine your course of action, I help you get ready for it!

This is what you get:

  •  Your Best Approach to reach your goals
  • Clarity on what your next steps will be
  • A fresh committment to yourself and your course of action

This is what we do:

  • 360° Situational Analysis
  • Strategic Assessment of your goals, interests, and options
  • Evaluate what is most critical and important to you
  • Develop options and your course of action to resolve the situation

You’ll walk out of this session with your mind made up, ready to act, and the confidence that you can handle the situation!

If you’re facing a dilemma at work, this is the session for you!

Most suited for:

Managers facing a conflict of interests | Project Leaders dealing with difficult clients and stakeholders | Executives navigating a complex situation


Creates commitment and reliability

Angelika challenges what is, and what seems to be a given. With her accurate questions, she sharpens the understanding of the team and creates reliability for commitments, deadlines and agreements. For any new project, I want to talk it over with her first.”

– IT Team lead | DAX Company

The workshop has opened my eyes!

„The role clarification workshop has opened my eyes! This is the way we need to start new projects, with clear roles and responsibilities, even before the actual doing begins.“

Thorsten Rahf | Teamleiter IT CRM, Wacker Chemie

Concrete advice for fast improvements

What I appreciate most is the outside perspective. Receiving objective feedback is incredibly valuable. You get concrete advice for quick improvements that can be implemented directly.“

– Jan Micheel | Project Lead Conet Business Consultants GmbH

You’re looking for a session with your team?

This session is also available for management and project teams. Book a free call to discuss your needs.