Leadership Coaching

for project managers, IT executives and business project leaders

Responsible for project success

Coaching for Leaders with a complex challenge

You are an experienced manager in your area of expertise. Even projects were not a problem until now. They seem to be getting more by the minute, larger, and more impactful. And with each new initiative, the challenge rises.

You notice it in your daily work, in your stress level, and in your team. Why don’t your usual management tools work?

Projects require a different way of management and bring in demanding new stakeholders. Teams will often be interdisciplinary, and various external providers will be added to them. On top of that, Senior Management is highly watchful of the progress of the initiative – and add to the pressure.

In our Coaching sessions we tackle your individual challenge – from increasing team performance to aligning stakeholders. I am your sparring partner, sorting help, priority finder, cheerleader, and subject matter expert in project and change management.

One-to-One Coaching


1. Roadmap Session (2,5 hours)

to define your goals and journey

The outside view helps clarify decisions, prioritities or the next useful steps. Ideal for specific topics and situations, and as a start to our collaboration.

Via zoom, MS Teams or in person in Miltenberg

2. Structured 3 month program

pre-defined schedule for ongoing support

Change is a process. This is especially true for changing your mindset, actions and leadership habits. Ideal if you want to benefit from regular sparring, accountability and support over a period of time.

  • Roadmap session (2,5 hours)
  • bi-weekly jour fixe (1 hour each)
  • monthly coaching session (2 hours each)
  • ongoing support via Voxer
  • sessions held via zoom, MS Teams or in person in Miltenberg

You need more training content and would rather work in a group setting?

Check out the Project Success Makers!

This 12-month group coaching program includes everything relevant for successful project leadership – from team traction to stakeholder management. 

For your next generation of project leaders.