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Team development for project organizations

Project Success is a team sport

Focus on collaboration, and deliver your most challenging projects to your client’s satisfaction

Your project will fail if your team is not aligned. And if your collaboration with the client’s team doesn’t go well, your project will fail spectacularly. Even worse, your client will not be happy, and that will damage both your personal reputation and that of your department or company.

With all the unforeseen events that may happen over the course of a project, you need to rely on good collaboration as your foundation. When people work well together, they will find solutions even for difficult re-negotiations about budget, change requests and timeline extensions.

That is why these consulting offers are aiming to analyze and optimize your most important relationships.

Project Consulting


1. Strategy Session

For difficult decisions, demanding clients, tricky planning challenges and complex team situations

A Strategy Session is perfect for you if you want to resolve a specific situation or topic. You will receive my comprehensive analysis, recommendation for alternative courses of action and the clarity about your next steps.

Strategy sessions can take place in 1:1 format or with several participants. Book a virtual coffee chat to see what makes best sense.

2. Team Workshop

From team conflict to stakeholder escalations, moving scope to changing priorities – challenges come in all manner of shapes and sizes. I will help you find clarity, transparency, and traction so that your team experience runs smoother, and your people can concentrate on the one challenge that matters: creating the project result.

Team Workshops are as individual as your team and situation. Let’s find out how we can best work together to help your team reach the next level.

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