Angelika Collisi

Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Hi, I’m Angelika.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in your Power!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve led, run and coached project teams across Europe in world-class operations and delivery. With the experience from strategic change initiatives to Global software rollouts to all-company restructuring programs to tech-start-up scaling challenges I know all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of projects and their associated people challenges. 

There’s nothing better than the glory of a joint team effort that finally comes to fruition on the day of go-live of whichever initiative! And there’s hardly any better praise than that of a demanding client who is impressed with your getting it done despite the odds, or that beautiful moment when your coaching client finds her inner truth and knows what she wants! 

I can teach you the practical methods and leadership skills to

  • lead your team to peak performance
  • make your clients happy
  • impress your Senior Management
  • increase your influence

so that you can do meaningful work and create positive impact.

But none of that will matter if you’re struggling with self-doubt, limiting beliefs and residue of emotional trauma. Because one thing is sure: leadership will trigger every unprocessed pain you are still carrying.

That’s why I work on all aspects:

  • Limiting beliefs, self-doubt, overthinking, insecure communication and lack of clarity belong here.
  • This is where we find fears, anxiety, lack of trust in yoursefl and others, and residue from old trauma.
  • That’s your behaviour, the structures you implement, the standards you adhere to and require your colleagues to uphold. The results of your work, systems and processes also belong here.
  • In leadership this refers to vision, goals, purpose and the bigger context. On an individual level, this will deal with your energy, light and dark, working with spirit guides or getting to know your own inner archetypes.

If you’re an aspiring leader, have just taken over a huge new project, or are part of your organization’s top management, I’ve got you covered.

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Professional Biograpghy

I’ve been a leader of international IT and change projects for 15+ years. I know how to start with a new team in a client organization that has barely heard your name, how to navigate challenging stakeholder environments, and how to gain the respect of people from nerdy super programmers to junior accountants with an attitude to demanding senior executives who are scared to see their hot strategic project go down the drain.

I’m a social psychologist. That means I understand how our behaviour and thinking is influenced by other people, and how we act in group settings and leadership situations. I pull on that know-how every day, and my understanding of human interaction, collaboration and leadership is firmly rooted in social psychology.

I understand what it means to hold yourself back because you don’t want to come across as “b*tchy”, “dominant”, “aggressive”, or “emotional”. When I found myself in leadership situations for the first time I seemed to alternate between being too friendly (no-one would listen) and being too assertive (no-one wanted to listen). When I finally began to integrate my energy work with my professional expertise, I found my inner peace and power, and can now act flexibly according to the situation and people that I find myself with.

I know about trauma and triggers. I was abandoned by one parent when I was 5, then by the other when I was 8. After spending five years in a foster home, I got back to one of my narcissistic originators where I received a ton of messages about everything I needed to change in order to be “adequate”. It was a lot of work to heal all that, but in the process I have developed a huge portfolio of techniques to help myself and others out of such inner turmoil.

I’m a holistic healer. That means I include the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects in my coaching work. The holistic approach also leads to holistic coaching methods. Those include timeline work (inner child work, past life regression), systemic constellation (parts work and embodiment), as well as breathing and meditation techniques and energy work (four elements, archetypes, spiritual aspects).

I’m also a Project Management Professional (PMP), Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Trainer, Banking Clerk, Aquarius (Astrology), 3/30 (Numerology), ENTJ (MBTI), and lead with Strategic Thinking (Clifton Strengths).

In my spare time, I relax with my race-driving husband and our two sons. When we have a quiet weekend, I love reading the latest by Tom Clancy or a fantasy novel, exercise my creativity with beautiful planners and notebooks or knitting, or dive into the latest in my collection of tarot and oracle card decks.

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Why Power?

There are two kinds of power: your inner power that each of us has and that so many people do not recognize, find or acknowledge. And the power over others, the one we read about in the news, the one we complain about when we don’t have, and the one many leaders don’t want to own once they have become leaders.

Let’s not kid ourselves: As leader, you have the power to make other people’s lives hell. But you also have the power to do something good, to influence your company/organization in a way that alignes with your values. And you can do something for the people and initiatives / causes that are important to you / dear to your heart.

While you are not in your own inner power, you will struggle with self-doubt, don’t know who you actually are inside, and what your strengths are. And no matter how much power someone will give you in the outside world: if you haven’t arrived with yourself inside, you are in for one hell of a ride as a leader, just like the poor people who are working for you.

In an ideal world, we would all be grown up inside, inwardly decluttered, healed and conscious of our triggers. When we meet others, we would understand what is triggering us inside, instead of running from one conflict to the next. Then, we could collaborate to make the world a better place.

We need to handle power with conscious awareness, and that begins inside.

That’s why I speak about Power.