Are you stepping up?

Project-centered Leadership Coaching

Gain the respect you deserve and the results you’re aiming for

Get out of the firefighting, and lead with confidence!

Congratulations, you’ve got the role! But suddenly you’re swamped with priorities and requests for your time and attention. Team, stakeholders, providers, senior management – everyone wants you. And while this is exactly what you’ve been working for, you’re so stressed it’s bordering on overwhelm. How on earth are you supposed to do your own job after jumping around all day, trying to make others do theirs?


What if you could get out of the ad-hoc mode, bring balance and stability to your day, and know that your project is exactly on course? Your team working on their tasks without you holding their hands (yay!), your stakeholders well informed and supportive of your initiative (hooray!), and executives impressed by your handling of your new role (wow!).


That could be your new reality.


Project Leader Excellence

A project-centered Leadership Coaching Program

  • 3 months individual 1:1 program
  • 1/2 day kick-off
  • Bi-weekly 90 min zoom call
  • Ongoing messenger support
  • You stepping into your leadership role and getting the recognition for it.

for EUR 4.680,-*

* Optional extension after 3 months
* Including 19% German VAT where applicable. Price may vary for private clients in other countries depending on your local sales tax. If you aren’t sure how this applies, please contact us at before booking.


You will spend one half-day kick-off with me going through the current situation in your project – from team to sponsor, providers to clients, scope to organization. Expect a mini-audit with a friendly attitude. It is important that we understand the baseline for our work, and identify the key areas to focus on.

We will then meet bi-weekly in 1:1 sessions for 90 minutes that allow us to dive deep into a single topic, or address several current issues.

I’ll help you come to terms with the areas in your project that threaten to overwhelm you. I will provide stakeholder engagement strategies, team performance measures, and gentle extraction of any limiting beliefs around yourself as a leader.

Our sessions will vary between project-related topics and your personal thoughts, emotions, and leadership behaviour.

As a coach, I’m flexible to go with what is required that day. As a project leader with 15+ years of experience, I won’t let your project get neglected in the process.

This is what you get:

  • A significant rise in your confidence as a project leader
  • Increased team performance without you holding their hands
  • Better acceptance by critical stakeholders for your project leadership
  • Increased acknowledgement from senior excecutives for your communication
  • Less stress about your communication with people in the project
  • Higher focus on bringing your project to its goal

This is what we do:

  • 360° Situational Analysis of your current project and leadership situation
  • Bespoke Roadmap to take you to your leadership goal
  • Custom training for your challenging leadership situations
  • Personal coaching around your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to help you lean into your strengths as a leader

You’ll leave this program with a new understanding of leadership and yourself as a leader, an improved reputation as a project leader within your organization, and the confidence that you will bring your project to its best result without self-doubt and the risk of burnout.

So if you want to step up your leadership game, and show up as the project leader you know you can be, then this is the program for you!

Most suited for:

Project Managers stepping into a more senior role | Senior Project Managers aiming to raise their profile within the organization | Project Leaders and Consultants dealing with Senior Executives


The perfect mix

„With Angelika’s coaching I have become much more confident in my role as project leader for a strategic product development. I am more aware of my leadership responsibility, e.g. when providing feedback to a provider, or communicating to the steering committee or Board Members. Now I know how I can position myself even in critical conversations, in a way that is comfortable for me.

Angelika’s guidance is the perfect mix of methodical input, working on the project, and coaching for your personal behaviour and mindset.“

-Sandra Prinz | Senior Project Lead, LVM Versicherung

A different mindset than 6 months ago

I have a different mindset today than six months ago through this coaching. As project coordinator for a cross-functional project, I was focused mainly on methodology and structure. I received so much more! 

The program was a very good mix of methodical support for the project, preparation for meetings with various project stakeholders, and working on personal thought patterns and behaviour. I feel strengthened, with more clarity and confidence, and am looking forward to taking on similar responsibilities with these new insights.

Inken Weßling | Project Coordinator, LVM Versicherung

Her perspective was invaluable

In the beginning I was concerned that the fact that we were bringing in an external resource could be a hinderance to the project at a critical juncture; however, I was proven wrong right from the start. Angelika’s ability to provide an external, neutral and objective perspective to the project was invaluable and this really helped to jump start the project. 

In a business environment where companies are quite often looking to reduce their external spending the value we gained in partnering with Angelika was invaluable and our investment was paid back many times over the course of the project.” 

Dr. Jospeh Michalec | Project Business Lead, BASF

I’m more organized and balanced

“I used to only get my work done in the evenings, after chasing everyone all day. Now I’m much more organized and balanced. The team actually works on what their priorities are, and I can focus on keeping our clients happy.”

Project Manager | Software Company

Are you looking out for more than one person?

This program is available in a 1:1 format, and for groups of project managers within an organization. Book a free call so we can discuss what fits your needs best.