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Kennen Sie das? Sie arbeiten an einer digitalen Lösung für einen Geschäftsprozess. Mindestens ein Software-Tool ist im Spiel und soll angepasst...

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Resources Available for Download

Convinving the Skeptics – Your Strategy Cheat Sheet

“I can tell you exaaactly why this won’t work here!” – have you ever heard that sentence? I bet you have, because it’s the signature statement of one of the least popular stakeholder types. Check out your strategy cheat sheet to find out why this is not as bad as it sounds, and what you can do to convince them to get involved in your endeavour!

The Ultimate Guide to Project Sponsorship

Congratulations! You’ve just become the Senior Accountable Person for the success of a strategic initiative, and all eyes are on you. If you’ve never held this responsibility before, it can be a scary place. After all, Senior Management buy-in, aka the way you fulfill this key role, is one of the key project success factors. Find out what your new role entails, and how you can ensure that your initiative delivers the results it was created for!