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The Power Sessions

Short Sessions, Big Results

Leadership Strategy

Ideal leaders facing a challenge

In this 2 hour session is for you if you’re facing a challenge with your team, client, or other stakeholders. You’ll leave with your mind made up, your course of action determined, and the confidence that you can handle the situation.

Empowered Decision

Ideal for leaders facing a tough decision

This 60-min empowered decision making session will help you gain clarity on what you want. You’ll walk out of this session with your decision made, ready to act, and confidently going for your goal!

VIP Power Day

Ideal for Women Leaders

This VIP Power Day will get you ready to play bigger by finding that inner trust that you cannot learn in a book or course. You’ll leave this session rooted in your own power and anchored in your confidence as a leader.

The Power Programs

Individual Support for Your Leadership Success

Spread Your Wings

Ideal for aspiring leaders

In this 8-week leadership coaching programme for ambitious women, you will find your confidence as a leader. If you’re yearning to step up, but don’t dare or know how to do it, this is the program for you!

 Project Leader Excellence

Ideal for senior project managers

With this 3-month project-centered leadership program you will find your inner balance and seniority as a leader of a more complex project, bigger team, higher stakes and more exposure to Senior Executives.

Custom Programs

Ideal for HR & Executives

These workshops and programs for Female Leadership & Empowerment are custom designed to help you develop and retain your talent by adding the key elements of confidence and alignment to the skills training.


“I met with Angelika for a one-day intensive several months ago, and in that one day I received a mountain of gifts which I’m still unpacking. We discussed what exactly weakens my position, what takes away my resources, and what strengths I do not use fully. Our work allowed me to explore unexpected parts of my personality, such as my boundaries and control over them, grounding, and the archetypes I follow. 

As a result, I am now more present in myself and as myself, I am comfortable to be eye-to-eye with senior leaders, and I am very aware of my own area of responsibility and how far I want to go. Before, I was stressing out over “having to prove my value”, now I’m not waiting for everyone to accept or validate what I put out there. 

The work with Angelika has improved the quality of my decision making process, and made me understand better when I’m not in my energy, my own resourceful state. I’m using my energy much more consciously now”


Organizational Change Consultant, at a global organization

“I had the pleasure of working with Angelika, and it was an incredible experience. Angelika is a master at empowering women to find their own way through their specific challenges – especially leadership challenges. She is an excellent listener and has an exceptional ability to get to the root cause of a problem. With her support, clarity, and guidance, Angelika creates a space that allows for internal growth and development, resulting in better leadership.

Angelika’s strength lies in her strong empathy and her transformative ability to provide clarity to otherwise-chaotic situations. She has a remarkable talent for identifying essential details, insights, and problems that may easily go unnoticed when we attempt to tackle the task ourselves. Not only does she provide practical methods to help you overcome your obstacles, but she also has a unique talent for explaining difficult concepts in a way that makes people feel like they can tackle anything that was previously overwhelming. Moreover, Angelika draws on years of experience and research to validate her reasoning, providing real-life examples to give depth and context to her coaching.

Overall, Angelika is a fantastic, supportive coach who cultivates an empowering atmosphere that supports growth, clarity, and confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain clarity and take on life’s challenges with an open heart and focused mind. So, if you’re searching for a leadership coach focused on empowerment and who will support you with compassion and understanding, Angelika should be at the top of your list.”


Intercultural Leadership Coach, business owner

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