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Empowerment and Leadership Coaching for Women Leaders

Step into your Power, and

Be the Leader you Know You Can Be

Stop Questioning Yourself, and Rise with Confidence

Are you hovering on the threshold of something bigger? Fresh into a new position or eyeing a promotion or prestigious project? And while you know full well how skilled you are and that you are qualified, capable and competent, you sense that something is missing. You’re looking for that inner knowing and trust in yourself that you cannot learn from a book or course, and you want to get rid of that lingering self-doubt. 

What if you could be comfortable in your confidence? Imagine yourself speaking eye-to-eye with senior executives, be taken seriously by your colleagues and clients, and happily using your influence to change the things you’ve been longing for? And all that in a way that feels fully aligned with your personality, your values and your soul!


VIP Power Day

Personal Growth & Leadership Deep-Dive

  • 1 day in-person 1:1 event (or 2 half-days online) plus
  • one hour check-in the week after (online)

for EUR 1.960,-*

* Including 19% German VAT where applicable. Price may vary for private clients in other countries depending on your local sales tax. If you aren’t sure how this applies, please contact us at before booking.


You will spend one day with me (or two half-days online) where we take a deep dive into your vision, values and strengths. We will also have a look at your current situation, dreams and goals. Expect a mix of exercises aimed at getting you in touch with yourself, and aligned with your vision. 

We will then tackle the obstacles that have kept you from fully stepping into your power in your current or future leadership situation. We will work with a mix of holistic techniques** based on your individual energy, doubts and challenges in order to align you with yourself and your unique power.

We meet again for a full hour follow-up call a week later to help you reflect and integrate the experience into your daily life.

This is what you get:

  • A fundamental connection with yourself in your power
  •  Your leadership presence, aligned with your personality
  • Solutions for situations that are currently challenging you
  • Exercises that help you stay connected with yourself
  • The confidence to hold your own as a leader

This is what we do:

  • A deep dive into YOU, your vision, values, and personal energy
  • Personal coaching to release what’s holding you back
  • Exercises to connect and re-connect you with your core energy
  • Embodiment of your empowered leadership energy
  • Rituals and routines to keep you in your power

You will leave this day with a new-found sense of self, and the confidence to hold your own as a leader.

So if you’re ready to own your leadership power and show up with your full presence, then this program is for you!

Most suited for:

Managers  |  Executives  |  Project Leaders  |  Business Owners  |  Consultants  |  Coaches |  Aspiring Leaders


I am now more present in myself

I met with Angelika for a one-day intensive several months ago, and in that one day I received a mountain of gifts which I’m still unpacking. We discussed what exactly weakens my position, what takes away my resources, and what strengths I do not use fully. As a result, I am now more present in myself, I am comfortable to be eye-to-eye with senior leaders. Before, I was stressing out over “having to provide my value”, now I’m not waiting for everyone to accept or validate what I put out there. 

The work with Angelika has improved the quality of my decision making process, and made me understand better when I’m not in my energy, my own resourceful state. I’m using my energy much more consciously now.

Aleksandra de Martso | Organizational Change Consultant, Engineering Corporation

It was an incredible experience

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Angelika, and I must say it was an incredible experience. She creates a space that allows for internal growth and development, resulting in better leadership.
 is a master at empowering women to find their own way.

Angelika’s strength lies in her strong empathy and her transformative ability to provide clarity to otherwise-chaotic situations. Overall, she is a fantastic, supportive coach who cultivates an empowering atmosphere that supports growth, clarity, and confidence.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain clarity and take on life’s challenges with an open heart and focused mind. If you’re searching for a leadership coach focused on empowerment and who will support you with compassion and understanding, Angelika should be at the top of your list.”

Allison Yeager | Intercultural Leadership Coach, Bridge Intercultural

Transformative to my business

To say my time with Angelika was transformative to my business, my mindset, and my way of working is an understatement.  Her ability to cut through the noise and work out how I could manage my time and still hit all my objectives was exceptional.  I’ve never been brought to tears by a lightbulb moment before.  But the weight that lifted from my shoulders when Angelika showed me that it genuinely was possible for me to do it all, and do it well, was truly a revelation.  

For the first time since I’d started my business, my brain didn’t feel foggy with overwhelm. By guiding me to this pathway, Angelika has enabled me to step up with purpose and feel confident not only in the future of my business but also my own ability to lead the business there.

Hannah Bartlett | Co-Founder, Jolly Festive

Not sure if this is for you?

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