Are you facing a

tough call?

Empowered Decision Making Session

Gain clarity on what you want

Stop overthinking, and start acting on your decision!

Are you facing a big decision? Going back and forth in your mind about the pros and cons, wondering what is missing so that you can finally get clear on what you want, and get moving?

What if you could stop overthinking, get out of the constant spinning loop, and move forward with your life, because you have clarity on what you want, and can act upon it?


Empowered Decision

Strategic Decision Making Session

A 60 min fully dedicated 1:1 session.

for EUR 198,-*

Your decision, made by YOU.

* Including 19% German VAT where applicable. Price may vary for private clients in other countries depending on your local sales tax. If you aren’t sure how this applies, please contact us at before booking.


You will spend one fully dedicated 1-hour session with me. I’ll walk you through your inner process and make sure that you consider all the factors:  rational, emotional, and practical. I’ll help you find out what you truly want, and what’s most important to you, so that you have the clarity you are yearning for and are ready to take action and lay the inner turmoil to rest!

This is what you get:

  • Your Decision, made by you
  • Clarity on what your next steps will be
  • A fresh committment to yourself and your next steps

This is what we do:

  • 360° Situational Analysis
  • Strategic Assessment of your interests, influence, and impact
  • Evaluate what is most critical and important to you
  • Enable you to make your decision

You’ll walk out of this session with your decision made, ready to act, and the confidence of knowing what you want!

If you’re facing a tough call, this is the session for you. It’s only tough before the call, not during, promise 🙂


In addition to your peace of mind and clarity on your decision, you will receive a PDF guide with insights into your preferred decision making process, as well as custom exercises that support and speed up your personal process, so that you’re set up for future decisions!

Most suited for:

Managers facing a tough decision | Leaders struggling to find their inner voice | Business owners trying to find clarity


She gently helps me find direction

Working with Ms. Collisi, I experience a rare quality of work. She allows me to stand in my uncertainty, and I feel that I can show myself in that state. Then she gently helps me find direction and connect with my inner knowing and confidence so that I can take the practical steps needed to implement my new-found decision and inner clarity. 

Ute | Family Counsellor

Full of empathy for her client

Angelika knows how to get to the bottom of situations in a short time and to work out the essentials – with the necessary professional distance and yet always full of empathy for her client.”

Simone Bittner-Posavec, PR Consultant, Business Owner

Angelika is my go-to

“Angelika is my go-to when I am facing critical decisions. She helps me weigh the options in a way that makes me see and feel what is really at the core for me, so that the decision itself becomes easy.”

Head of PMO, Freelance

Not sure if this is for you?

This may be a sign that you’re in mental overdrive. Help yourself to a free call, and we can schedule the decision call together – or just have a virtual coffee. Either way you’ll know then, if this is for you.