Be Both

by | 29.09.2023 | General

Life is full of ambiguity.

Just in a single person, we can find toughness as well as sensitivity, fear as well as courage, meticulous organization mixed with creative chaos – we’re not one-dimensional creatures, and it can challenge us immensely on our personal development journey when we try to come to terms with these inner polarities.

Dealing well with ambiguity is a sign of Emotional Intelligence, according to Daniel Goleman. And yet, in our work life, we are often pressured to become one-dimensional. Ideally, we should all be professional (no jokes during a meeting!), rational (don’t be so emotional!), and of course immune to frustrations (just deal with it – it’s nothing personal!).

Sometimes, this can seem as if you have to leave your personality at the door. Unfortunately, when you do that, you are also checking your personal uniqueness at the door – your personal vibe, your dreams, your perspective, the things that nobody else brings to the table. This is the stuff that connects us to other people. The things that make us get up in the morning. Yes, you want to earn money. But you could do that in a different job, or in a different company. You chose this one, and you chose to stay in it, for a reason. You want to make a difference.

Whether you want to show the world your great leadership skills, change the way people are treated in your organization, or lead your client to a fantastic success with your latest project, you will not have the impact you desire when you become one-dimensional.

So, be bold! Be both!

Powerful… and vulnerable.

Confident… and learning.

Logical… and empathetic.

Authentic… and diplomatic.

Professional… and spiritual.

Brave… and compassionate.

Anxious… and courageous.

Make an impact by being you, the world needs more people bringing everything they are into their work environment!

This is your Friday reminder to be in your power and stay in your power. If you want some help with that, send me a DM or schedule a call here.