You Are Enough

by | 06.10.2023 | General

NEWSFLASH ***: You are enough.

Since the early days of school we have heard that we are either not enough, or too much. In some cases, our families have done their share of damage when it comes to telling us how not-ok we are.

It is time that we accept ourselves as we are. Enough.

I see you nodding your head as you read this.

Of course, just what you always say!

Now, let’s try to make this a bit stronger.

Turn it around, and talk to yourself.

“I am enough.”

Use it as an affirmation.

„I am enough.“

How do you feel? Squirming? Hesitant? All kinds of „but I am not…“, „but I don’t have yet…“ thoughts coming up?


You are enough. Right where you are now.

Try again.

„I am enough.“


Keep going.

If you like, write down your thoughts that are coming up as you do this affirmation. They are valuable insights into your subconscious. It’s the stuff that we work through when we evolve and transform.

Say it one more time.

„I am enough.“

You don’t need the degree, the qualification, the job title, the promotion in order to be ok. You have your goals, and you go for them. But they are not the thing that make you complete. You already are.

This is your Friday reminder to be in your power and stay in your power. If you want some help with that, send me a DM or schedule a call here.