Go the Distance

by | 03.01.2023 | General

This morning, everything inside me screamed “Rest!”.

I’ve had a busy and strenuous week, with traveling on two days, onboarding a new client, family appointments disrupting my usual productive hours (dentist run with the kids before x-mas, anyone?), and a crash course in orthodontics to get ready to make a wide-ranging decision for a family member, all on top of the usual #meetings, messages and client interactions. One could say I’ve earned a break.

And yet, there are things on my list for today that need doing. Replying to mails, providing information on a new program that is starting in February, publishing this article, organizing meetings. “What’s the harm in not doing them today?”, you might ask. Possibly not much. So should I prioritize #selfcare, as we are constantly reminding each other? Stop the hustle culture? These messages have a place, and they have a time.

Today, for me, is not that time.

Today is about going the distance. Doing what is necessary to achieve my #goals, so as not to ruin the result that I have been working toward. So often we are tempted to let go just when we have almost reached our goal. We are tired, the effort we need to put in is increasing, everything seems to take longer, we need more small breaks, more coffee, chocolate or chatting, and all in all waaaay more motivation to get going and to get into gear in the first place.

That’s the time when we often give up by giving in. It’s the spot where #discipline comes into play, our own motivational tactics with ourselves, and the strategies and tools that we have put into place for our team in order to keep them focused on the goal.

I had the necessary reminder to not let go, not yet, not today, until my work is done, from a tarot reader I follow on youtube. Yes, I listen to tarot readings when I don’t do them for myself. I find it good practice for my intuition to tune into some pick-a-card readings to reflect on where I stand, and I love the positive affirmations I hear from my favorite readers.

So I thought I’d share the blessing. If you are in a tough spot today, and you or your #team are just about to get to your final result: Don’t let go. Complete the work. Test the code one final time before sign-off, polish the formatting on that powerpoint, create that report. Whatever the case may be.

Go the distance. And then, rest.

Have a productive Friday, and a lovely weekend. If you want my best tipps on how to #motivate yourself and your team on days like this, send me a quick message to office@pampiloxa.com, and I’ll send them to you. And if you love tarot readings, too, let’s meet for coffee!

Image: 4X-image / Getty Images Signature via Canva.com