Let’s Celebrate

by | 06.01.2023 | General

I spent these last few days with my family huddled around our tiled stove, taking turns with my husband to feed the fire so that we could be warm while the rest of the house grew colder and colder.

The heating had stopped working on Sunday, and it took until yesterday to get repaired, so we had some fresh experience in winter camping. One of our sons took that quite literally, and camped out in his fridge-cold room with a sleeping bag. All honors to him!

It puts things in perspective when you are thrown back to the bare essentials. And it made me realize, once more, how much we take for granted when it really isn’t.

So here are my 22 things I am grateful for in 2022.

1. I am extremely grateful that we have this tiled stove
2. that my husband has a garage filled with tools which come in quite handy when you need some more firewood or repair a heating pump
3. that our kids share the spirit of “let’s make the best of this situation”
4. that we have a beautiful roof over our head and warmth all year round
5. that I am living with the three people on the planet I love most dearly, and who are great company on this adventure called life
6. that both my husband and I are flexible in our work arrangements and can negotiate times and workload with our clients
7. that a physical emergency does not throw us off balance as a team
8. that we have learned through lockdowns and homeschooling to navigate these times without emotional upheaval
9. that I have clients with whom I can share a personal situation without seeming unprofessional or distracted, but as part of our relationship and connection
10. that I have a network who supports me through wins and high water
11. for my warm, lovely, beautiful office and coaching zone
12. for great books on leadership, astrology, psychology, and writing that inspired me
13. for fantastic stories and heroes keeping me awake at night or the family entertained
14. for beautiful stationery, notebooks and planners to keep me organized, mentally clear and enjoying my time
15. for finding the playful side of my spirituality with crystals, oracle cards and a stack of new tarot decks
16. for moving in the direction of my dreams with giant steps this year
17. for owning my power as a communicator and content creator
18. for daring greatly and showing more of my true self to a greater audience
19. for new connections, blossoming friendships and deeper relationships
20. for facing my fears and releasing them
21. for stepping into my shadow and befriending myself, again and anew
22. for all of you who are reading this

I’m looking forward to some cozy days with the family (and a night or two of the new Jack Ryan season when everyone else is sleeping…), and a fresh start to a great New Year. Let me know what you’re looking forward to, and if you love Jack Ryan, too, let’s meet for coffee!

Wishing you all happy holidays with your loved ones, and lots of reasons to celebrate!

Image: STILLFX / Getty Images via Canva.com