Own Your Darkness

by | 20.10.2023 | General

We all have our darker aspects, don’t we? Thoughts and feelings we don’t like, try to ignore or work our way out of. The things we don’t like to admit, especially at work.

But while you’re busy trying to ignore them, the portion of your energy that is keeping them suppressed is not available for you in the here and now. You’re not in your power, and you cannot see your true worth.

Anger, rage, sadness, fear and despair may be some dark aspects that come to your mind. But pride, confidence, a sturdy belief in yourself, an acknowledgement of your own inner strength and fortitude may also be hidden in the shadow.

That’s what psychologist Carl Jung calls our unconscious: our shadow. It’s dark in the shadow, because we have yet to shine the light of consciousness on it, both the good stuff and the bad. 

In Coaching, we work with those unconscious thoughts and emotions. If you’ve ever heard the term „limiting belief“, you’re already familiar with the concept. It is just a more rational expression for one of your unconscious patterns. As soon as we shine the light of consciousness on it, we have a chance of releasing, healing or integrating the missing part.

It’s a bit like a team workshop to improve collaboration. We help the participants to share, speak up, dare to voice their opinion, come out with the things that have hurt them, or share their disappointed expectations. With good facilitation, we enable the sharing of appreciation which somehow got lost in the hubbub of daily operations, and thus find hidden treasure. 

When you treat shadow work like you do a workshop, there’s nothing scary about it. It may take some courage in the beginning to sit and feel your darker thoughts and emotions. But you will find treasure underneath, I promise.

Today, I’m inviting you into the shadows. Face your dark side. Sit with your feelings and thoughts. Pour them onto paper. Do what you must in order to bring them to the surface.

Because you are not in your power when part of you is busy hiding.

This is your Friday reminder to be in your power and stay in your power. If you want some help with that, send me a DM or schedule a call here.