Know Your Worth

by | 13.10.2023 | General

In a few weeks, it’s time for performance appraisals. Managers the world over are groaning, and employees the world over are preparing themselves in that curious mix of hopeful and anxious. A lot depends on your manager, and your relationship with him or her.

But there’s one other aspect, and that is the question whether you know your worth.

We could go into a discussion of your worth as a human being and how that is not linked to your performance appraisal or the number you write as your salary. But let’s not go there.

Because ultimately, whether you yourself know your worth will determine how your performance appraisal will go. And the appraisal will determine your chances of promotion, pay rise, and further career within that same organization.

So, let’s start with you.

Do you know your worth?

The value you bring to your organization, team, or project? What is your contribution to its success? What are you as an individual doing, on a daily or weekly basis, to help your department, company or division achieve its goals?

If you cannot answer these questions, you don’t know your worth.

I know that a lot of leaders struggle with this, because when things go well, their great work doesn’t get seen. It’s a curious fact that a crisis often has the effect of highlighting leadership skills (or lack thereof). But you don’t want to provoke a crisis in order to get your skills shown, do you?

As leader, you cannot point to a pile of physical tasks that you have worked through, or a number of designs you have created. 

The higher you go, the less „productive“ work you do. Your time is spent arranging, coordinating, guiding others so that they can collaborate and produce those tangible results and negotiating with peers and stakeholders to align the best way forward.

So, how do you make the value of this work visible? 

A few pointers:

* What is your role in the bigger picture?

* What are the goals of your team, department, project or company?

* How do you contribute to achieving them?

If you’re not sure, join me in next week’s live Masterclass where I guide you through the exercise and share the strategies to get your work seen. You’ll find the link in the first comment.

You can only show your worth to others when you see it yourself. And how can you be in your power when you don’t see the value of your contribution?

This is your Friday reminder to be in your power and stay in your power. If you want some help with that, send me a DM or schedule a call here.