Own Your Story

by | 18.08.2023 | General

Owning your story is one part of stepping into your power. Your story is your path, your lessons in life, your experience, and the lens through which you see the world. Sharing it can help bridge understanding between you and other people, and it can inspire others to have the courage to share theirs.

People who have not experienced drama – or trauma – don’t easily understand why grown-up people are „still bothered“ by something that happened years ago, sometimes decades ago. By the same measure, people who decide to „toughen up“ and repress their pain and hurt, or even their emotions in general, will not be keen to hear about something that wasn’t pleasant. In their case, it will trigger the wound that was clumsily covered and hastily put out of sight, but always searing because it never healed.

I believe it is extremely helpful and necessary to be aware of our own emotional wounds, and wise up to the fact how easily grown-up people will be triggered by seemingly innocent words. It accounts for a lot of office conflict.

So in case you had a dramatic childhood, are recovering from an abusive relationship, or have survived traumatic events, own it. Coming to terms with these experiences has made you the strong person you are today. You have survived, and you’re here to show it. 

You don’t have to tell the story to everyone. But own it. Don’t feel lesser for it. That is part of the old circumstance. You are now here, in your power, and if and when you choose to open up in a current relationship and share, you are building a bridge. 

This is your Friday reminder to be in your power and stay in your power. If you want some help with that, schedule a call.