Stand strong in your weakness

by | 11.08.2023 | General

Stand strong in your weakness – we’ve gone beyond the days when leaders needed to have all the answers.

There is nothing wrong with not knowing, or being insecure, or feeling vulnerable when you try something new for the first time. Not even if you’re doing it for the second or third time.

Allow yourself to stand in your power as you’re walking. 

There is no need to pretend that you’ve got it all figured out.

Once more, I can speak from experience. Last week was all about dealing with obstacles and not giving up. My biggest project this quarter is almost ready, and I had overlooked an important ingredient without which it cannot be completed. My mistake, it happens.

This was on top of another loop the week before, so I was super frustrated because what I’m trying to build keeps running into obstacles. I was surrounded by people who told me I was focusing on the wrong thing, and investing my time and energy wrongly. Ample reason to doubt whether it was all worth it, right?

But I’m no longer giving away my power to people who don’t understand my vision or my work. I’m not getting distracted anymore with the wish for cozy comfort by a compassionate friend when what I really need is factual input, and a practical solution. So I went and researched, reached out and asked for support, and (fingers crossed!), the missing piece is going to be arriving in a few days.

I know that as a leader and a teacher, I can only be authentic and strong when I also stand strong in my weakness. It’s ok to not know. It’s ok to doubt. It’s ok to struggle. 

I have decided to be in my power even if I haven’t arrived yet.

Turns out, I’m in good company. I just read a post by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was confiding how he’s struggling with recording his own book on audio because he’s dyslexic. You can read it on his fb profile (link in the comments). This is a man who is the epitome of strength and achievement in all of his careers, and he is sharing a vulnerable moment. Mind you, he’s got a painstaking way of dealing with this weakness, and that’s what makes him impressive – overcoming an obstacle, and finding a way to succeed.

None of this diminishes his professionalism. Or his accomplishments. Or the quality of his book.

So let’s stand in our power while we’re still learning. While we’re healing. While we’re on our way. While we’re overcoming obstacles.

This is your Friday reminder to be in your power, and stay in your power. If you want some help with that, send me a DM or schedule a call .