Seek Power

by | 27.12.2022 | General

Do you want power?

Most people will deny. “Ooh – aah – eehm.. I’d rather not…”, they will say. If you don’t believe me, turn around in your seat and ask your coworkers or friends if they want power. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Nobody wants #power if they’re asked, right? Because we all think power is such a negative thing, and that we shouldn’t want it. Because people in power are evil, and therefore power is evil. The main reason for that is the idea that power only exists as in “power over”. And how would you, as a being of light and with a purpose to do some good in the world, want power over others? That’s not your thing. Who wants to be Darth Vader anyway? He didn’t look so happy most of the time.

And so, power is only ever something others have.

But what if I ask you whether you want inner power? Would you like to be powerful in your inner strength, in what you are capable of and what you can achieve? As in “in your power” and “power within”?

I see. That’s me, too.

And what do you do with all your inner power? Keep it secret, hidden, and private? Or do you show up with it in your daily life? I see so many people struggle to come to terms with this. They attend their daily #meeting with clients and coworkers and hold back. Thinking it’s not their place to speak when the boss is talking. Wondering how best to phrase their frustration with the waste of time for the whole group in a #workshop.

There are good and bad ways to handle these situations. Staying silent and snapping at your family when you get home after a day of fuming, or cramping up so badly that your stomach aches is a bad idea. And it’s not a sign of you being in your power. If you’re struggling with this, I can help.

I want to see you in your power. Showing the world your strength. Handling the tricky situation with your boss like a master. Bringing your ideas to the group situation to make the workshop productive.

There are many forms of power. How do you show yours?

Ps: if you answered “yes!” to the first question, I’d love to meet you! Let’s have coffee ?

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