Trust yourself

by | 13.01.2023 | General

Trust Yourself? Easier said than done.

I know all about our subconscious’ tricks to keep us small. The small chatter in the back of your head telling you “you’re not good enough”. The fundamental self-doubt with important decisions “are you really, really sure about this?”. The little voice that says “ah, yes that one time you were successful, but maybe that was luck.”

Every person who has reached some kind of success, from mastering a depression to reaching the career position of their dreams to achieving olympic gold has to deal with these inner battles. Don’t buy into the notion that once someone has mastered a certain level of success, they have “made it”. They may have made the outer success, but the inner work of success continues.

I come from a really toxic background, and had to use all kinds of evolutionary avenues to shift negative beliefs, become open for relationships, and learn to trust myself. I see the patterns in the people I talk to, and I have a huge portfolio of techniques and knowledge to help my clients out of them. It took a lot of healing, but today I understand how this experience has brought out the best of strength in me, as our biggest wounds usually do. They help us build the muscle to overcome them, and we learn a lot along the way. Today, I am an expert coach in confidence.

So believe me when I say: Trust yourself. Trust your impression. Your intuition. Your gut. When you sense that someone is not telling you everything, you’re probably right. When you feel that the time to act is now, then go for it. When you feel that you need some time off to digest and process recent events, give yourself that time. So very often we know exactly what that inner sense is telling us – it may be a voice, an image, a feeling or knowing, as it shows up differently in each of us. We sense it, and then we don’t follow through.

Most of the time in coaching, we spend on differentiating between what your mind is telling you and what you know deep inside. And then shifting how you can align the two in order to reach where you want to go. I hold you accountable to your inner knowing. That’s what all great coaches do. We see your core, your knowing, your own sense of who you are at the core. And then we hold you accountable to it, through thick and thin. Because we know: you can trust yourself. 

Ps: There’s a beautiful oracle card that always comes to mind when I think about trust. “The robin trusts her wings, not the tree that she sits on.” It’s from the Whispering Woods deck by Jessica Le, and it reminds me that no matter what I think gives me stability or safety in the outer world, I can always rely on myself, my wings, to take flight again. As I said, the inner work never ends.

Let me know where you take your inspiration from, and if you love Oracle cards, too, let’s meet for coffee!