Bring your soul to work

by | 21.12.2022 | General

I know I’m asking a lot. I‘ll go first, shall I? 

For the longest time, I have been hiding my holistic healing training. You can‘t show that!, people said. Not on your CV! Not on LinkedIn! The more I heard it, the louder became the voice within me, replying “Heck, yes! Watch me!”

I believe that we need more people in the business world who bring their whole soul to the work they do. It might be the sincere attitude of service you bring to your clients. It could be your flamboyant appearance that makes heads turn when you enter the building, and your sense of style that ensures that the next product design will make a similar entry to the market. 

You might be a structured organizer, a joyful host, a fierce warrior, or a superb observer at heart. Whoever you are at your core, bring it to your work environment. 

Holistic healing aims to help clients integrate their whole being, light and shadow, and bring it to the table. It is deep work, soul work, when we integrate the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical plane. Yes, we deal with limiting beliefs. But we also look at where they are stored in the body, where they come from, and help resolve that old story in a systemic and resourceful way.

I’ve had the privilege to walk #clients through conversations with their inner children and integrate skills and resources from past lives. Whether you believe in such things is up to you. All I say about this type of work is that it had better have an effect on how you hold yourself in meetings the next day.

Because if you found out that you were Catherine the Great, and then go back to your previous behaviour, too afraid to speak up during a #meeting where nothing is making sense and important factors are overlooked, you had better hand your money back to your reiki healer or other spiritual practitioner.

It is time that we integrate our personal experience with our business know-how.

We have spent too much time pretending that we suddenly become only mind and matter the moment we start working. 

I’m not asking for a total shift or #transformation. I’m still a #leadership coach and social psychologist. I still coach and teach project professionals how to lead their teams, clients and stakeholders to great success by focusing on #collaboration and human interaction.

But I’m also a personal coach and holistic healer who has benefited greatly from the deep understanding of our inner system and the soul work we all have to do if we want to be who we are meant to be, who we could be.

To me, bringing the two systems together, the outer (#team) and the inner (individual), is the life and soul of leadership and collaboration. We cannot improve one without the other, and I’m here to address that.

So, if you’re still reading, hello! If you want to join me on the journey, please connect. And if you resonated with this message, but sense that you could be more aligned in your daily actions with who you are at your core, I‘d love to help you find your way.

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