If something gives you pause, listen

by | 19.12.2022 | General

If something gives you pause, listen.

I thought I would write about #reflection in November. Pause and reflect. My favourite #tools to reflect. It is the perfect time to dive into the shadows of the unsaid, undone, unconscious. The days are getting darker, the time until the end of the year is getting shorter. We should all pause and reflect.

But then something out there gave me pause. I love that expression, because it describes exactly what happens in our consciousness. Something makes us stop in our inner tracks of thoughts and behaviour, and shifts our #attention to whatever the source of this pause is.

And so very often, we don’t listen. We shake it off like a nuisance, and swat it away like a fly if it keeps bugging us, annoyed that we are distracted from our important thing that we were in the middle of doing. As if our inner impulse wasn’t as important as our outward motion.

In my case, it was my LinkedIn timeline, full of posts about solutions I don’t believe in, and recommendations I think will point us in the wrong direction. This time, I paused. And listened to the raging #emotions within. The anger, the heartbreak, the fierceness and resolve. I’ll tell you more about those topics in the coming weeks. I have decided to follow my inner voice.

When do you follow your inner voice? Your #intuition, gut feeling, instinct? It’s that deep inner sense that we cannot explain. It’s what makes a CEO look at the ranking of candidate profiles, and not choose the top ranking person. It’s what makes us #decide to take the risk even though the numbers show that we should take the safer option. It is that inexplicable knowing without knowing exactly how we know.

What does your intuition tell you to do? In a world getting more #complex and dynamic by the minute, I see more and more #leaders struggling to make #decisions. Long-term #strategy seems out the window, hail to the daily operational madness – or shall we find peace when we grasp the straw of that latest method to make good decisions? In the end, you will have to make the call. Left, right, center – take the decision that you know is right, even if it defies the stats. This will take #courage. And it will require you to #pause.

When you need someone to walk you through a bigger decision, a change of path or a complex situation, you know where to find me. I help you tune in with your inner knowing, and align it with the outer world of strategy, business and management. That’s my jam. And I enjoy a good pause… best served with coffee.

Image: StockSnap/pixabay via Canva.com