Find your Truth

by | 04.08.2023 | General

I’m part of a number of women’s groups – masterminds, memberships, entrepreneur groups, and others. Over the past couple of days, it struck me how many women were sharing about finding their truth. They are coming out of their shell, understand who they really are, and make the scary moves in the outer world to reflect those inner changes. These moves range from shifting their public profile to shutting down areas of their business that they have built for years, to leaving their long-term employers.

I can relate to those women. Over the last years, I have shifted my focus from operational project management and consulting to a leadership coaching practice for women leaders. It’s been scary. Difficult. In some areas complex (how to deal with two languages and clients who are both coming as private clients and via their employers? how can I find focus when I thrive in doing multiple projects and serving a variety of clients?). Each decision seemed to shift the perspective on all the others – I was often at sea, yearning for firm ground and clarity.

I needed to find my own truth. I’m multi-passionate. I’m bilingual. I love working with leaders in the corporate field, and my mission is to bring more women into their power. I believe that humanity needs nothing as urgently as an appreciation for feminine qualities, more feminine energies in places of power and influence, and the skills to both grow into a fully conscious human (inner work) and collaborate effectively to reach goals together (outer work).

This is my truth.

I’m out here, sharing it with you.

What is your truth?

What do you know deep inside that you are not showing to the outside world? What scary moves are you doing these days? Whatever you’re going through, know that you are not alone.

This is your Friday reminder to be in your power, and stay in your power.
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